Loop/Slash is an initiative to promote partnerships
between Loop and creative minds worldwide. Our
goal is to bring together talented professionals with
bold ideas to create awesome projects. The deal is
simple: We do our thing (audio) and creatives do
theirs (animation, film, games… you name it).

At Loop our daily work is influenced by many great artists that inspire us with their art.
We believe it is our duty to give something back to the creative community. So we put
our brains  and audio skills at the table to help amazing projects.

Astuto is a spoken word, story-driven
podcast network. Our shows are
diverse in their tone and topics, but
they all share our commitment to
offer the best content. Astuto's goal
is to set a new standard for audio
narratives in portuguese language
and to be part of the radio on
demand revolution.

copyright, 2019. Loop Reclame LTDA

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Rua Felipe Neri, 353
Auxiliadora - Porto Alegre
+55 51 3022 2600
 55 51 3110  4893

Rua Senador Cesar Lacerda Vergueiro, 205 Vila Madalena - São Paulo (11) 97044-1414 loopsp@loopreclame.com.br

+351 933072233




This show is dedicated to talk about travelling with kids to Portugal - with tips and stories.

Portugal com miúdos

An initiative from the digital bank, Woop Sicredi, to talk about finances.

Fazendo a Conta | Woop