Music and sound are not complement. They are essential elements of every brand and have the power to engage audiences in very meaningful ways. At Loop ID we create audio branding strategies and brand activation projects placing music as a key agent in connecting brands and people.

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OCTO is a new content channel by RBS, one of
Brazil's biggest media groups. OCTO is not a TV
channel and it is not a web portal. It is both. And
much more. It is a innovative approach by RBS
to deliver great content to a growing audience
that sees the lines between TV and internet
getting blurrier and blurrier.

Loop was responsible for creating OCTO's audio
identity composing more than
50 tracks that are used as themes for shows
and vignettes. The content developed by
Loop Discos, our label, is also present on the
channel's programming. Loop Sessions is a
program that present Loop Discos artists
performing in our studios in intimate

The music culture was always a huge inspiration
for fashion. The work and specially the attitude
behind every artist and music genre has served as
a departure point for many designers as a way for
them to capture and understand the evolutions
and changes in society.

Trim Sounds is a project that proposes the opposite. 
Created by Loop Reclame in partnership with
LA Fashion Week, Trim Sounds is a collection of
albums where music is inspired by fashion. Every
volume is a collaboration with fashion designers
where a group of music producers try to translate
the work of these professionals into music to be
played at the runway or through headphones.
The first two volumes presents the songs inspired
by the work of Mulierr and Marcelo Quadros. The
collection and the music were presented at
Los Angeles Fashion Week SS2016.

Banrisul is a public bank operating
since 1928 in South Brazil having today
more than 2,8 million clients. It's
history as a solid financial institution
was always reflected in its formal
and traditional communication. In
2014 Banrisul's challenge was to renew
its identity making it more contemporary,
connecting the brand with younger
audiences and at the same time
keeping the brand familiar to its roots
and more traditional costumers.

Loop ID was responsible for creating
the audio branding strategy that is
being applied by the brand ever
since in all its major touchpoints.


At Loop ID we really believe in the power of radio.
In Brazil this centenary device is present in 88%
of households while 77% of brazilians reported
listening to radio at least once a week. But today
radio is also suffering from the lack of attention
and interest from the audience to its ads, just like
TV, magazines and newspapers. In this context,
bringing brand content and native advertising
strategies to radio is fundamental for keeping
brands and advertisers interest in the medium.

Together with advertising agency Competence
Loop ID created the 2015 Summer Collection for
Paquetá based on these concepts. We recruited
Antonio Villeroy, a well known brazilian composer,
to produced a song that would be the campaign's
theme. While on TV the song appeared in its 30''
version, on radio the song was inserted in its full
version as part of the programming and not just
as a jingle on the commercial breaks. As a result
radio listeners started requesting the song
generating more than R$300.000 in earned media.

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