At Loop we work across 5 divisions:

Loop Pro is our production unit responsible for creating audio, soundtracks, sound design and voice over. At Loop Pro our music producers and sound designers, tweak knobs and push faders to create amazing sonic experiences.

- Music Production

- Sound Design

- Voice Over

Music and sound are not complement. They are essential elements of every brand and have the power to engage audiences in very meaningful ways. At Loop ID we create audio branding strategies and brand activation projects placing music as a key agent in connecting brands and people.

- Audio Branding

- Music Strategy

- Branded Content

Loop Discos was created to promote the independent music industry. Our goal is to inovate and support artists we believe in. The label also acts as a licensing agency partnering with brazilian and international labels managing acatalog of more than 80 artists and 1000+ songs..

- Record Label

- Sync

-Publishing- Licensing

The Lab is our creative playground where we foster collaboration between Loop's team and creative minds worldwide and build amazing experiences, products and services.

- Creative Partnerships

- R&D

- New Ventures

Whether you are a client looking to get creative with
music, an artist looking for a label, a ninja on
the run for a job or just someone curious that
wants to grab a coffee and talk music, drop us a line!

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At Curadoria Loop uses its expertise in the arts to guide the choices of attractions and schedules for partner events.

- Music

- New Enternteinement

- Show

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